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Mariusz Celmer

Warsaw, Poland

About me...


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I started in 1993, in Market Research - as a courier and technical support of Fieldwork Department in SMG/KRC (currently Millward Brown SMG/KRC).

Two years later I moved to the new on the market, well growing agency CASE (currently does not exist). Next couple of years I gained experience in: Fieldwork, Control, Data Processing and Analysis departments. Then began my programming story thanks to new MS Excel VBA, that has proven its extreme helpfulness in everyday duties.

Last two years in CASE as a Specialist of Research Software Development I made a lot of simple tools in VBA and VB6 that made data analysis and reporting much easier. The same time I coded my first more complex reporting application – CASE Analyzer – dedicated mostly to agency clients.

In 2001, I joined to Programming team in SMG/KRC - yes, I entered the same river twice - where I started to programming major, team projects in Delphi. We've developed analytical application SoftReport Explorer and system of protected data licensing.

Two years later, together with the boss of Programming Department, we run with our own business, where new data analysis and reporting system was born. However, after about two years of working together, we parted ways.

Since 2005, for almost five years, I worked in British American Tobacco Poland on Marketing Information Manager position. I was responsible for maintenance of marketing information flow and accessibility to recent market data, monitoring of competition market activities, creating reports, presentations and analysis, programming and automation (VBA, Delphi). Additionally I supported Sales Planning process and Research Department (among others, complete execution of CATI surveys).

Now, since the beginning of 2010 I strongly focused on my own business.

The years of experience made me sure, there is no "do everything" systems, so everyday, those simple, but adjusted for specific tasks tools, made our duties easier...


Fortunately, life it’s not the work only :)

For a couple of years a lot of daily time is "consumed" by our family little beast...

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My hobby – music, especially bass guitar – it’s a dozen or so years since I started to have fun of being a part of band and making own music. For me, it’s still a great fun and flight out of everyday life...

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Currently I play in two garage bands:
    - Grzyby ("Mushrooms") - rock / alternative / glam / post punk.
    - Laura Palmer - hard rock.

In my spare time, I try to get out of the city for some shorter or longer trip, the best to the mountains.

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