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Project of Market Simulator has been designed in order to allow fast and easy analysis of advanced market and pricing methods - like Conjoint analysis.


Market Simulator is a set of two desktop applications:
- [builder] is to convert the survey data into [viewer] format;
- [viewer] is to analyze the survey data.

In short words, [builder] is mostly dedicated to survey supplier project team, while [viewer] is dedicated to both - survey supplier and client side project teams.

Market Simulator [viewer] functionality:

- testing the preference and market share of products (product groups) in custom market scenarios;
- analyzing specified groups of interest (filtering the sample);
- analyzing attributes flexibility charts;
- analyzing products Source of Business groups;
- analyzing products in/out flows;
- on request - I can build custom report to get more specific products information like volume, financial, etc.

Currently, not all of the [viewer] functionality are supported by [builder], but will be implemented soon.

Preferences calculation method:

Market Simulator use one of the most common method of calculation, First Choice method. The First Choice model identifies the offer with the highest utility as the offer of choice. This offer receives a value of 1. If two or more offers have same (highest) utility then a "vote" is divided to each of them equally. After the process is repeated for each respondents' utility set, the cumulative votes for each offer are evaluated as a proportion of the votes in the sample.


Please feel free to download and test demo version of Market Simulator [viewer]!
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For use of Market Simulator [builder] please contact: