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Mariusz Celmer

Warsaw, Poland

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S-2-D is an application that made converting SPSS data (.sav) into NIPO script files (.var and .job) easier and faster.

Using of S-2-D is very easy and intuitive. The major advantage is a fact that it needs no SPSS installed to work properly.

While SPSS data are loaded, you have only to assign listed variables according to question type (sinlge-choice, multi-choice, range with a mean, text, etc.), then the application itself will generate NIPO script files.

The better labeled SPSS data (IDs, variable and value labels), the more complete variables script file (.var) will be generated.

Additionaly, in S-2-D directly you can run the frequencies of selected variable, as well as test the value range (min/max) of all variables with only one click.


Please feel free to download and test demo version of S-2-D!
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